Parenting After Infertility and Loss
"For this child I prayed..." 1 Samuel 1:27



Board of Directors

Paula, Executive Director


Hi.  My name is Paula.  I live "down under" in the beautiful country of New Zealand with my husband Michael and our 7 year old son Samuel.  We own a computer sales and repairs business.  I am currently homeschooling Samuel, and whilst it is a challenge, we know it is the best decision for our family.  We experienced years of infertility, treatments, and paperwork before finally building our family thru adoption.  Samuel means "God has heard" and He really did.  We hope and pray that one day God will, in His perfect way, extend our family again.  I enjoy cooking, reading and we have a keen interest in natural healthcare.  I am extremely humbled and honoured to be able to serve the Girls of PAI in the role of Executive Director.

Terry, Board Secretary


Hi!  My name is Terry.  My husband, Paul, and I have been happily married since 1986.  We have one daughter, Ruth, whom we adopted from Russia at 25 months old.  Our home is in Sterling Heights, MI, a family-friendly suburb of Detroit. I have a bachelor's degree in Special Education of the Emotionally Impaired, and a Masters' degree in Early Childhood Education. I taught preschool, kindergarten and first grade for 19 years, and I am now happy to be a stay-at-home mom.

Judi, Board Treasurer


Life is an amazing journey with so many twists and turns that sometimes we can't see where our next step will                              be.  2 Corinthians 5:7 says, "We will walk by faith and not by sight."  That verse has been very true to my life.  My husband Kevin and I were married in the Summer of 2012.   We both experienced divorce and are blessed to have found each other and to be sharing our lives together.  Together we are parenting 4 children.  Kevin has two children from his first marriage, Virginia, 19 and Seth, 10.  I have two children that were adopted at birth, Joey, 10 and Danny 8.


I am currently a music teacher working in a public middle school.  Kevin and I also run a portrait photography business together.  We both enjoy sports and coach youth soccer.  I just completed my Master's degree in Education with a specialization in Instructional Technology.


God certainly has done amazing things in my life.  Through experience, I have found that every time the Lord has led me through the valley, his true purpose was to carry me to a mountaintop.  During the hardest part of the journey, the climb, the Lord carried me in his arms so he could show me the view from the top.  It is an honor to be on the Board of Directors of Parenting after Infertility.  I love that this ministry is one where we each understand each others trials and joys and are here to support one another in Christian love.

Arica, Board Member --  Promotion and Fund Raising Chair


 Hello, my name is Arica.   My journey to parenthood, like all of us here in this community, took a detour through the path of infertility before I could be called: 'Mom'.   I am married to my college sweetheart, Doug and we have been married since June 1997.  In 1999, we started TTC our first child and we were met with heartache and disappointment, went through IF treatments that we finished in 2003 without any 'success'.   At that point, I knew in my heart it was more important for me to be called mom; not to be pregnant and so we pursued domestic adoption.   One of my dearest friends walked closely by my side through the adoption process, our own Melissa, and we were thrilled when our first born Joseph was born in May of 2004.  Our miracle was here and six short mos later, he was fighting for his life with a very serious blood disease and many of the members here prayed us through that trying time and he is completely healthy and healed.   Five years later we were blown away to find ourselves announcing that we were pregnant and expecting a little girl, our Anna was born in July of 2009.   A year and half after Anna was born, we were expecting our third child, another little girl, and our Ava was born in October 2011.   I feel completely blessed to have experienced the journey of infertility, the miracle of adoption and pregnancy.   The Lord has taught me so many different lessons during each of those experiences and I would not trade it for the world.   Many of you know that my favorite Bible verse is Habakkuk 2:3.  That verse sustained me through the years of waiting to be called: Mom, and I still apply it to different areas of my life.


Many different activities and interests keep me busy:  I work part-time for my father's business, I am a full time mom, I have started homeschooling Joey & Anna this year, and we volunteer in our church and community for a variety of things.   Doug and I have a strong relationship and while our kids completely wear us out some days, we couldn't be happier to be in this season of our lives.   I give all the glory and thanks to God for carrying me through all those years and I trust Him to carry me and guide me while I am training our children in the way that they should go.


I love learning from the women in this community and I love being able to serve and help make this a community that honors the Lord and ministers to the hearts of women all across the world that I otherwise would not have met, but the Lord has made a way to have community Christian sisters across my great country and the world.